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s Recess Adventure Around the World
(PRE-LAUNCH of New Releas- Sept. 15th-October 19th; books delivered by October 26th.)
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                                  (Uniquely Beautiful!)

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    (For every TEN books sold, ONE book is donated to a local elementary school, children's hospital or orphange.)

  SCS Xpressions

Sandra W. Smith - Author, Poet, Educator,  (A.S., B.S. M.A.T.)

Daughter of the King

"Writing to Inspire"


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      As an accomplished author, the mission is to inspire readers to join

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 SCS Xpressions

                 NEW RELEASE- OCTOBER 26, 2023 
     Preston's Recess Adventure Around the World

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    Summary of Preston's Recess Adventure Around the World


 Preston’s Recess Adventure Around the World  is a creative and playful rhyming story that seeks to inspire children with lively themes of imagination, adventure, and the value of getting active and traveling. Preston’s story serves as a rallying cry for kids and adults alike to make recess & fitness an invaluable part of the school or work day. Throughout the story, children learn there’s a world of adventure waiting to be explored.  Children are encouraged to expand their minds and discover all the amazing things the world has to offer.





Be a Ribbon of Hope

Discover a touching book about the power of family and finding strength through hope and faith


  Hope is a compassionate and caring nine-year-old girl who is keenly aware of the challenges that confront her family. She cherishes conversations with her grandmother and family and desires to help others. In her class, she will be giving an important speech on respecting others, school bullying, and cherishing what makes us unique. Always wanting to make a difference and be a ribbon of hope to others, Hope celebrates her close-knit family’s strength and the boundless love they share.   (Concepts applicable for all children grades K-6th; reading level 3rd - 6th grade)                                     










Uniquely Beautiful cover - bookmark_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

      Careena's a beautiful, African American girl who longs to talk to her mom about their recent move to a new state.  Having observed that she looks a little different from her classmates, Careena feels a little unsettled.  What impactful discovery will she make while spending a little exercise time with her mom?

About Me

Meet the Author,

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About the Author

                                      Sandra is an outstanding children’s book author, retired elementary school teacher and an avid

                                       inspirational poet.  She’s known for infusing literary devices throughout her writings in hopes

                                       of helping readers relish words that’ll enrich their reading and writing experiences.

                                       She's a mother, grandmother and a devout beliver.  Most days you'll find Sandra reading,

                                      writing to the tunes of relaxing instrumental music in the background, enjoying her peaceful

                                      walks, worshipping, observing nature and penning words of encouragement to inspire and uplift                                                  others. Sandra's joy is impacting others through her ministry of writing.


     "The Joy of Writing"

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     My love of writing began when I was a young girl as I found great solace in expressing my thoughts on  paper as well as collecting inspirational poetry.  It was then that I ecstatically discovered the power of words to convey empowering messages to others. My loving parents emphasized getting a good education, being responsible, and honoring God in all things. Reared in the city of Chicago, their impactful influence and the desire I had to express myself on paper, created a wellspring of joy whenever I placed a pencil in my hands.

   As a child and later as a mother,  I loved   reading  a variety of books. Some of my favorite childhood books and authors are:  Curious George, The Cat in the Hat,  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Corduroy,  Goodnight Moon,  Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary,  Lowis Lowry, Maya Angelou, Helen Steiner, Cynthia DeFelice,  and Shel Silverstein.  Although my husband is no longer with me to witness the birth of the books & writings I’ve worked on for years,  I appreciate the encouragement he continuously provided.  I’m truly blessed and humbled to be a  self-publishing author. 

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   OUR GOAL....

  As SCS Xpressions grows, one of Author Sandra Smith's goals is to provide free books to children in underserved communities, academically challenged schools, children's hospitals, orphanages, children's homes and S.W.C.C. Her goal is to also partner with those who'll make book purchases and donate them to an entity that impacts children. 



  REVIEWS  .......


Preston's Recess Adventure Around the       World   

Preston is a happy child with a vivid imagination. When he begins to appreciate that his imagination is limitless, he envisions traveling to different count